If you have a restoration / street rod build project that has been in a shop for years, chances are it is not being worked on. Most cars should have a build time of 6-8 months. Full blown customs builds can take longer, depending on the scope of work.

start to finish time frame 

  • Year, Make, Model 
  • Quality of build / Restoration 
  • Availability in the market 
  • Ability to personalize 
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Enclosed / Open Transportation

Transporting your car through the building process. In a safe and secure manor.

From the very start of the project, the choices that are made will affect the out come of the build. Styling choices, component selection, quality of work performed will all be seen in the end result. And will have a direct affect on the finished value of your car. 

A big mistake  a lot of people make is not talking to someone before the purchase of a finished car or a project car . 

The costs that are involved in fixing or customizing a car. Can add up in a hurry, and have a lot to do with what you start with. 

Just because you found an old car in a field or in a barn. Does not mean that it is the best project to start with. And finding the finished car of your dreams. Does not mean the quality of the build / restoration match the purchase price. Ask questions and educate yourself to all aspects of the collector car market. Before you start spending your money.

reasons to build,
reasons to buy

End result


choices made in building process 

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Finding a builder before buying a car

  • Originality / Condition
  • Cost of maintenance
  • History / Value trends 
  • Overall fit and finish 
  • Quality of components used 
  • Desirability in the market
  • Intended use  
  • Finished Values 
  • Availability of parts 
  • Cost of project
investment /
personal use

The end result is a reflection of what you started with  and the choices you made along the way. Understanding the process, and the costs involved. Will ensure that your project  is completed in a timely manner and finished to the level you desire.

Expected costs 

planning a budget

At the beginning of a restoration / custom build project. A person should decide to what level of quality the car will be taken to. As well as the desired purpose of the finished car. So a realistic budget can be put together.  

Complete Street Rod / Custom builds

Upgrading finished cars / completing unfinished projects 

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